Life-Cycle Ceremonies - Tributes

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Ceremony can be a beautiful part of healing on the journey of grief. It can be powerful, moving and a great relief to experience a tribute to a loved one. People often say they would like to have a celebration of life, or have held on to an urn of ashes for years, but are unsure of how to start or what to do.

I help to create a ceremony that is honest and authentic, and may include stories, music, memories, poetry and other inspiring elements. I bring compassion and care to the service I offer to bereaved families and friends. A ceremony may range from serene to joyful, and I ensure it will be personal, dignified and meaningful.

I meet with you and other loved ones of the deceased in your home for a conversation in which I deeply listen to your memories and reflections and ideas. This meeting may be followed by emails, phonecalls and further meetings. I then compose a ceremony that truly expresses the beliefs and values of the deceased and the unique story of the life they lived.

My clients have the opportunity to contribute and participate in designing a unique memorial, and I assure you of final approval. I can collaborate with other professionals or individuals who may be involved, such as funeral directors, photographers, sound technicians, etc. so the ceremony is professionally produced.
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